Collaborating with our team of real estate professionals and land feasibility experts, we search on a continuous basis for new land and urban centres to develop our projects in, as well as keep focused on future growth patterns. Using a combination of the SIF and IHA governed requirements and current housing market reports, our agents are continuously searching for land development opportunities to support our future affordable housing developments, honing in on developments on or near public transit as well as amenities such as grocery stores and health clinics.


We are partnered with public and private sector financiers to ensure the development, construction and operation of our projects is the most cost effective and financially sustainable project. This is established through various methods such as first mortgages and guarantees, government funded subsidies, forgivable capital loans and private investments.


 With our team of skilled consultants, we are partners with an experienced General Contractor, Project Manager and all necessary consultants throughout the project duration. Proven management methods are employed to ensure each project is built to the owner’s requirements and satisfaction as well as adhering to regional and municipality codes and building methods resulting in projects delivered on time and within budget. All approvals and permissions are managed and controlled by this dedicated team with Ownership oversight. 


Our development program includes the provision and management of our up to date project website during the development and construction stages to build awareness and interest. Working with the local support agencies, we organize and manage the prequalification and tenancy agreements to ensure suitable tenants.


With projects built with long-term sustainability in mind, we strive to develop affordable housing that requires minimal maintenance. Our projects provide managment, housing, and basic on site facilities for tenants. Our partner operating team manages multiple facilities with years of expert experience.